your lips are the only thing in the world i crave

the moon ensconced in a blanket of wooly gray above a sleepy city in north texas sinuous tongues of electricity race across the near perpetual clouds flashing pink hues above the apartment building the barium floating in my brain undulates with the lightning a throbbing symphonic barrage lost in the backbeat of smoky jazz electrofunk […]


outside a sudden summer storm comes to life with a fury to match the malevolent hear that has baked the land for days and days i let my own lost mind rage along with the winds my hurt darken the sky my loss fall down my scruffy cheeks like the raindrops does the storm strike […]

a storm comes to the valley of sundered lies

the rains began somewhere out over the mountains the jagged spires that dare pierce the emptiness of the heavens awash in reticence as the gales pound the ancient stone the tall grass sways in the valley as the birds of prey take flight in search of rabbits frantically seeking warrens in the cool soil starless […]

the tower pt 1 (rhyme)

twas a night like this all dark and dreary between lightning crashes stood something queerly a tower hung foreboding jutting up into the sky an obsidian spear in the night that hid away from the eye the thunder crashed as rain pummeled the ground this ebony spire the only shelter to be found soaked to […]

(un)titled ode III

the sun is down the sky has rolled out the blanket of velvety black yet here i sit immune unseeing the clouds sit thick air is heavy with potential storms my mind is locked on you what i would do wouldn’t give to sit and laugh with you but i am tongue tied bound and […]


it all comes crashing down eventually we build our foundations on sandy soil it only takes one good storm then the walls shift any change inclement patterns develop next thing you know you are on your hands and knees sifting through the remanants wondering where it all went wrong it’s raining here

to be the rock battered by the waves

she looked at me with tears running down her beautiful face she shook like a leaf in a hurricane as the agony poured from her torrential and seemingly endless i sat with my arm around her shoulders powerless in the face of this storm she had not spoken a word since i arrived after receiving […]