the wind was fire on his skin like salt on open wounds. the sun was blinding lightning through his skull. blood welled up on the stones as he pounded fists fervently howled agony at the heavens. the gods ignored his screams today like they did every other. this was penance for untold sins. forgiveness was […]

a vision of hell

it begins with static disharmonious off time drums and then a scream it can only be described as pained every instrument played in a different time signature and the screaming the room is pure white so purely white wall floor ceiling indistinguishable it is as if floating except the feel of the floor beneath walls […]

around the edges

the cold light of morning tends to shine upon you things we don’t want to see the loss of the day before the wreckage we stumble away from seems so much worse as the muscle ache sets in and the adrenaline wears off the snapshots in our mind, a jumble of blurring colors, all seems […]


the crowing of a rooster woke me it can’t be dawn yet but time works different down here i look through the window and see the skeletal beast staring back at me the cavern my home lies in is pitch black except for the occasional flood of lava those are the good days the hordes […]


there is a black hole in my center a ravenous hunger a need that nothing i can find will satiate it’s always been there this desire a bottomless pit of want no drug nor drink can fill this churning haunting thing nothing can stay this itch in the back of my mind this emptiness of […]

pain in the shadow of salvation

blades of sound slice through his heaving chest, an echo of the poetry that flays and filets, consternation and chills running down his spine, across his face, raw emotion and buried truth her words filled his mind lit a fire inside of him and as he lay on the cusp of giving up her words […]


i don’t care anymore she is a myth, a manifestation of my sorrow and loneliness she can fuck right off along with the rest of the world checking out stop the ride i want off i’m sorry but i’m not just done with it all thanks for all the nothing trapped within a glacier of […]

the truth is not so happy

he carries his loneliness like a stone around his neck a wave and a smile is the best you can expect when i see him we always stop and exchange pleasantries sometimes he talks sometimes he just sits and stares at the ground and acts polite today he spoke i stay quiet on these rare […]


The water in the tub was warm, just shy of hot. It offset the numbing cold of the blood rushing down my arms. I tried to shut the water off but apparently had gone too deep and severed a couple tendons. It didn’t really matter. Wouldn’t be my mess to clean up. Probably for the […]


when i was born it took three nurses to get the doctor to stop hitting me it wasn’t until they sprinkled holy water on me that i started to cry a bellowing roar that shook the entire hospital my mother’s soul died on the delivery table they called it at thirteen hundred hours and thirteen […]

on sparrow wings

sparrows filled the air around us she stared at them in awe i stared at her in sorrow she caught my glance and raised an eyebrow in confusion i warned her not to fall in love with me it would only lead to pain and as she realized the truth of my words, the sky […]


lost in these ever changing mazes of chain link fences and angry men in hard hats showers of sparks and spent water bottles like a bread crumbs left by pollutant little children it’s already too hot sweat dripping from the twenty minute walk from rental car to machine humidity and stagnant air make it all […]


i’ve got spiders nesting under my skin for christsakes they crawl and bite and scramble up and down inside my arms laying eggs in my veins oxygen depleted blood cells rush them back into my heart and lungs a vast network of the damned things slowly taking over my meat like it is a series […]

not strong enough to ignore it’s call

this incessant throbbing antibiotics and witchcraft coursing through my cheeks i curse the pollen a pox upon nature herself these microscopic indulgences that feast on torment rendering innocence into half formed photographs of insolent rage i begged for sleep and the inner cacophony chose to warble dulcet tones of stabbing across my prone form this […]