bukkake muckbang

vibrating in time with sodden fluctuations in the displaced spaces between incoherent rationalities strained beauty interlaced with thrumming disgust a bukkake muckbang projected on slient loop in black and white against a field of blood red poppies a random solar flare igniting greenhouse gases low in the atmosphere black blood in the silver moonlight playing […]

scabs as beauty marks

his mouth of maggots writhing with rot lancing languish in an ulcerative state of alabaster dismay the red dust whips lacerating tendencies in hues of spite an indecent rainbow cascading tepid pains he is the cactus prickly in the heat a safe haven for predators seeking easy prey wrought with knots indecisive thoughts in the […]

closing time

it’s overcast and if i am being honest, which is a fatal flaw i have found, i couldn’t give a good goddamn if it ever stops fucking raining. the ground is dry and maybe just maybe we will get lucky and it will wash me away with the rest of the trash blowing around refusing […]

rivers of red

shattered every mirror hidden reflections unattractive except when i bleed a freakshow oddity spitting into the wind complaining about the rain. the crimson runs down my ugliness attracting horseflies seeking easy game in between spasmodic convulsions of poetic emptiness. when you close your eyes i am the only thing that ceases to exist an afterimage […]

the need for mirrors

i saw him, an accumulation of failures, staring at me from across the room. his face twisted in bitter snarl of self mocking an expression i knew too well the ugly bastard smiled, knowingly, guessing at my thoughts correctly, judging by the coldness in his grin i turned away unable to look at the blank […]

uglier today

i am ugly today uglier than normal as the world is reflected in my dull gaze the sky the color of bile the clouds toxic puffs poisoning every absent thought even the birds sing as if congested with wheezing whistles the day is ugly like me uglier than normal i will avoid mirrors and windows […]


one day i will cover all my scars become unvisible just some ink stained walking rorschach test that reminds you of your parents fighting or your father’s penis or that time you walked in on them mid-coitus just a vague unsettling feeling at the edge of perception beaming smoke signals in sultry flashes of sinful […]

(un)titled ugly

the words of the profit, prophetical projections of puritanical plutocracies, the sound of spare change rattling in the paper cup hearts gurgling in the throats of sick infants, coal soot streaked breasts on which the cleft lip suckles, dead dreamers drift among the reeds the golden apple of eris, the unblinking eye of horus, the […]

a beautiful corpse (of gruesome delights)

i have taken to a new obsession lately watching fruits breads vegetables rot in time lapsed videos the natural beauty ravaged by time in no time then the reclamation by the mold the final act takes my breath away i have made no attempts to hide my love of ugly the beauty in the filth […]


dressed in head to toe gray and red today not sure the image i am presenting dour storm or bloody fool but my boxers are purple so somewhere beneath it all there is a tinge of royal hidden from the world between that and the ink soaked into scars i look like jackson pollack’s least […]


love is an absence an abscess an access panel to nothing unfelt unrepentant unreal unacknowledged unaccepted unpronounced i saw it once oozing down the torn fishnet stocking of a prostitute with morning sickness behind a dumpster her left eye was swollen, when she smiled you could see the scars of life etched into her tattered […]

not ideal

the dingy black and white room with scuttling cockroaches and spiders spinning traps empty bottles lay on their sides no more than vapors of past conquests two bodies lie in a tangle of sweat soaked drug induced satiation lying on a stained mattress and wrapped in a pile of rags eyes flutter under heavy lids […]