closing time

it’s overcast
and if i am
being honest,
which is a
fatal flaw
i have found,
i couldn’t give
a good goddamn
if it ever stops
fucking raining.

the ground is dry
and maybe
just maybe
we will get lucky
and it will wash
me away
with the rest
of the trash
blowing around
refusing to accept
we are nothing.

life is not
fair nor is it
it is a sexually
forced upon us
without our
and try as hard
as we may
it ends with nothing.

some of us
just have accrued
more scars
to go along
with the nothing
that is all
we have ever known
the garbage
the unimportant
the gang of losers
no one wants
until they can’t
have us
assigning value
based on their own
baseless whims.

this is isn’t
a message
in a bottle
or a secret missive
clandestinely sent
by pigeon
in the night
it is the weight
of the world
crushing me
the same as
it always has
i have just
i am too ugly
for pretty words
and i am tired
of pretending
i am not.

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