days occur where it feels as if the world is out to get me unfortunately other days occur that just prove it really isn’t there is not enough value in this personage to incur anything approaching that level of spite an empty glass bottle is worth a nickel in michigan an empty souled poet is […]

it’s free

the human heart goes for one million dollars, yet i cannot give mine away intrinsic value compared to sense of worth i suppose but still i stand on the street playing the violin for loose change fingers dancing on the strings, eyes closed and visions of you play on in my head spinning signs on […]

i’m flotsam, she’s the ocean

she’s got a hold of me this morning anxiety the bottom rung of depression pouring in through cracks in the dam so hastily assembled like the little boy with his finger in the dike and just as imaginary as flawlessly recreated and flawed to fail spectacularly as the feeling of dread washes over me uncertainty […]