whiskey whimsy, words

single malt, aged seven years in oak cask barrels, only the finest in heart wrenching sorrow blended with corn mash and subtle notes of bitterness and bile triple carbon filtered, distilled through copper wrought from the blood of the gods themselves no proof but one hundred percent pure and true a pint for sipping, a […]

stones, words

each prayer a stone cast into the stream concentric circles, ripples in time, the cascading waters of eternal hope swept in the currents of ego and void pulled through magnetic fields, stretched thin, inside out and reversals of fate the gods throw tantrums, drain the wishing wells until naught but coins remain belligerence and belittlement […]

poetry performance, words

cue dramatic flourish spotlight centers on curtain out comes the shambling form of the idiot poet hands extended to crowd, open wound on chest, heart on fire on stool beside him no applause greets him he bows and blood spills out promptly he slips and lands on his rear roaring laughter slipping and sliding he […]

rictus, words

over used dopamine receptors, drained of happiness, an empty vessel where a human once sat rigor mortis and rictus grin resistance of reoccurrence, reticent, regretful, riddled with remorse head hurts from supple waves of silent misery forgotten, forbidden, fostered from frigid fate a strapping male with more scars than smile lines past his expiration date […]

Cancer, a tale

“The cancer has spread throughout her body. She waited too long to come in.” “How long?” “Weeks. Maybe less.” “Weeks? What can we do?” “Keep her comfortable. It is aggressively attacking her.” “Chemo?” “She is too weak. It would only speed up the process. Look, I’m sorry to say this but you have to be […]

check marks, words

i make check marks on the wall one for every mistake in bright red to the north one for every failure in blue to the south one for every hope in green to the east and for every dream that comes true in black to the west to the north it is a wildfire sweeping […]

rooster, words

dreams assaulted me last night an old farm house in the middle of nowhere a rooster crows in the dead of the night slowly amble out the back door to find blood sparyed across the barn door armed with a stick, open the door slowly to prevent the hinge from squeaking traitorous door lets out […]

kisses, words

i can remember falling lips first into another eyes closed tasting breath, lips, teeth, tongue gently at first exploring slowly turning up the flame harder, hungrier not needing to breathe anything but each other nibbles not so gentle bites to the ear love, the throat down to the collar bone back to the lips again […]

last rites from Lana, words

Lana always read my garbage and corrected my misspellings she would call me and ask what i meant she editted my idiocy and made it as readable as possible always said she was my biggest fan now as i hear her voice in my head and fix my stupid slop i feel the tears on […]

poker, words

i am not a gambler but I have been conditioned by years of sloppy play now i accept the hand dealt with no qualms of winning or losing been clubbed, used spades to bury the past, saw diamonds don’t always mean forever but never found the queen of hearts drowned in the river felt the […]

dictive indecision, too many words not enough meaning

can’t find the word coffin, coughing, cacophony, corroded confidence no tremor, trepidation, truth, tryptophan triumph close languid, lacsadasical, lazy, lethargic luminescent nothing i ingested infection, insecurity and insignificance, ignominious internment in indescribable indignity stuck in literate alliterative litigation letting the words sing in a rhythm i cannot see phallic failings, philosophical freeform fallacies, fantasies fractured […]

Coffee Ground, a City tale

I fucking hate this City. I was riding high, lord of all I purveyed. King on high. Held dominion over all these sad and horny plebians. The master of this neon dusted wonderland. And then the copy cats started up. Suddenly the market I ruled was flush with smut. Poorly worded trash. And my art […]

living dead girl, words

please come to me, my living dead girl show me the dreams, that haunt the dead a taste of the earth, my living dead girl your chill blue lips, and the need for flesh missed your funeral, but visit your gravesite, i call to you, from beyond the veil i miss your touch, my living […]

guano, words

figuring out life through echo location just screaming at the wall and hoping to find the way ignore the stares, those judging baleful glares thoroughly lost and unwilling to ask for help so no sudden movements if you please and thank you i’m fine