art as a means to self destruction

hollow bones, hollow bones the waves consume the shore hollow bones hollow bones the dead dream no more scattered soul shattered soul pieces of crystalized hope scattered soul shattered soul swaying from a lovespun rope there are only so many ways you can rationalize away the anguish that pounds at your brain like an angry […]

fill the gap

this nothing affixed to my chest like an anchor in the presence of this absence i am stricken with an inability to feel anything except for loss it scares me this not caring a part of my mind screams as i drive too fast down the road but the part in control has ceased to […]

resplendent emptiness (a taste of (un)fettered)

staring at the world through the filtered lens of the abyss, an ever spinning counter clockwise void of nothing with a shimmering black center unaware the ground beneath is slowly consumed by the unrelenting hunger, standing with locked knees and vacant adoration slipping, slipping into the end, is it falling if there is no sense […]


her gaze was a paralytic poison across my feeble resistance cannot feel my still heartbeat as it spasms in my skull i am nothing without you but we both know i was nothing before you either just another statue in the emptiness of a fenced cemetery


he collected empty bottles methodically he scrubbed off the labels with a wire brush any paint on them he put them on every open space throughout his home every where you looked were empty vessels he could relate to that pure clean nothing inside if he really looked at them at himself he might see […]

hushed darkness

pt I she dances on moonbeams flies upon the thermals like a sparrow dives through the aether like a dream given form pt II the road was laid brick by brick cemented together by blood and lies unevenly paved paid for by tears none who walk alone on this empty road can hope for more […]

a poor fisherman i make

there are plenty of fish in the ocean but where i live is landlocked the only net i seem to cast is poorly made any potential catch swims freely through they told me if you teach a man to fish he eats forever but with jutting ribs and aching belly i sit on the cusp […]

an end

there’s a quivering in my abdomen, a fear begins to grow, the words they come a spilling out, there is nothing left to show fear is just uncertainty, and trauma seeds to sow, armageddon is two blocks away, my head’s about to blow the razor runs perpendicular to the raised scar tissue that starts to […]

full circle

mint flavored ridicule and almond smelling kisses the steady iv drip of saline solutions and serendipitous rainbows comatose copulations and salutations rinse the stained sheets of teenage secretions wet dreams at the dry cleaners milk shakes and ipecac soda fountains focus on your focus to weed out the weakness of rabid earthworms and tentacled terrors […]

easier to eradicate than medicate

i’m considering self lobotomy go full old school barbarism and drive a rod in through my tear duct eradicate the defective parts i hope that if we do it right the longing and sadness will disappear no more searching for the things i will never find erase the yearnings cause i’m at my wit’s end […]


i saw a rainbow out of the corner of my eye but whenever i turned it stayed just out of view made myself dizzy spinning like an idiot, never did see the damned prismatic event saw a cat sitting on the roof of a car staring at me i asked it if it saw the […]


i’m leaving she said, bright eyes suckered by the greener grass of new sides pulled in by white lies and brighter dyes, the facade of what she hoped would be true i let her go, knowing that once she traipsed barefoot through the fresh manure coating everything she would come running back while what i […]


crying into my shoulder as i attempt to make coffee, wanting to be alert for the misery that will keep sleep at bay the put me down of this everlasting misery more than the pick me up of this dark brown sludge, the black taint on my mind, this stabbing pain in my chest, this […]

bent, words

i understand why junkies would rather risk overdose and death than quit the junk why smokers always return adrenaline addicts jumping out planes it makes sense because dreaming about something and waking up with the feel of it in your skin and then feeling it fade away all that is left is the intoxicating need […]