a star fades

there was a winsome look in her gaze as the last spotlight faded as she relived the years on stage from those awkward first nights to the heyday of coke and easy marks a sense of pride briefly washed across her before the steady decline reminded her how she got to this final curtain call […]

and the sky opened above

and the sky opened above great gouts of pitch rained down upon the houses the streets the happy little people in happy little cars on asphalt gashes rendered into the flesh of the earth itself an umbilically umbraged biblical battering to cast the slate as wiped from incidental understanding and the sky opened up above

icy daggers

the words fell from her lips like icy little blades designed to freeze and flay the very soul i hope you die she immediately wished she could pull them back that she could send her tongue out like a lasso to latch onto them and swallow them to dissolve in the roiling acids that filled […]

the lazy artistic eye wanders

the smoke from the days last cigarette stings the eyes of the artist as he stares forlornly out the window of the passenger car as it bounces down the track he doesn’t see the world for what it is or isn’t just the way it once could have been from the myopic view of many […]

bemusement park

there is no more bereft feeling no more hopeless sorrow no more barren land than that moment before bed when you look over at the emptiness that consumes you blow it a kiss then stare at the ceiling for hours on end a hand drawn out of order sign on the tilt a whirl of […]

edge of rapture

the sun didn’t rise this morning, as it hasn’t for the last month, doubt it ever will again ash fills the skies, acrid and still burning, the silence is punctuated by the soft hiss of burning flesh the circle of strife, end times for the casual hedonist, apocalypse in three four measure pillars of smoke, […]

worse indeed

i wonder if things would have turned out different if i hadn’t been such a sad sack of shit my entire life the whiskey the women the singing the words dating out of my league only acceptable when you factor in the talented tongue also the charming way i spoke how did i fool so […]

you were right, happy now

i never imagined that it would end up like this if you had asked me ten years ago what the end would be like i would have said raining blood polar ice caps melting flooding everywhere nuclear war plague of locusts mole men from the center of the hollow world it just seemed like a […]

resplendent emptiness

staring at the world through the filtered lens of the abyss, an ever spinning counter clockwise void of nothing with a shimmering black center unaware the ground beneath is slowly consumed by the unrelenting hunger, standing with locked knees and vacant adoration slipping, slipping into the end, is it falling if there is no sense […]


i think about death a lot too much my death not suicide though if i had a nickel for everytime that though had occured i could pay for therapy and a bottle of pills that would stop the incessant erections and thoughts about i think about death a lot not sure how you quantify a […]


and as the world crumbles down around us all i can wish for is to feel your hand upon my cheek your lips on mine to gaze into your eyes as it turns to ash there could be no greater way to go my sweet lost love you were the most wonderful dream in a […]

first and last

1) she stared at me waiting for me to make the first move in my head i knew i should lean forward and kiss her knew it was what we both wanted all i could do was stare into her eyes 6) she pulled me down the hallway to show me the framed pictures of […]

come in and lie down

they built suicide pods that look like tanning beds for all the advances in medication the one treatment they always tend to forget is for the incorrigible symptom of living pay the fee press the button go to sleep commerce boiled down to it’s finest point you get what you pay for even if it […]


happy endings are oxy morons, endings being inherently melancholy things even when a tale ends happily it is sad to let go of the world and characters that illicit those happy feelings bittersweet endings i can see happy not so much and i can’t think of a single ending in my life that was truly […]