they say you never really fail if you tried your best but tell that to my bank account as it goes overdrawn again it is hard not to lose faith in your ability when all you’re able to do is beg for scraps which is no ability at all


new job neurosis anxiety kicking in full effect forced sleep deprivation to fall into a coma last night woke up tired and afraid pacing retracing every mistake that led to this place failure failure just a bucket of guts picking up the pieces of the mirror so willfully shattered been trapped so long in shards […]


feel dejected, rejected, ejected from this world of promise left to rot on the side of the road deplorable, ignorable it is fair to think that no one cares when you spill your guts and even the fat flies don’t swarm nor feast not up to preening, posturing, or begging to come to view just […]

harder and harder still

light the goddamned house on fire burn the rickety timbers and we’ll dance in the embers as they fill the air like fireflies it doesn’t mean a thing none of it my knee hurts and my head hurts and some mornings i can’t see shit for fifteen minutes tired from traipsing along this overgrown path […]

hoping for an errant spark

if you think i post a lot of useless poetry you should see the aborted lines that clutter my mind the forty stanza odes, the contrite shite that makes my teeth hurt and head spin sometimes i gleam a nugget here and there or try and figure out what state of mind forced that bitter […]

inept assassin

i was walking down the sidewalk when something shiny caught my eye i bent to pick it up a quarter my lucky day as i picked it up a dart came through the air and lodged into tree next to me i heard the thud as it hit i glanced at it and shook my […]