feel dejected, rejected, ejected from this world of promise

left to rot on the side of the road

deplorable, ignorable

it is fair to think that no one cares when you spill your guts and even the fat flies don’t swarm nor feast

not up to preening, posturing, or begging to come to view

just a clay golem in a world of humans being

unread, mislead, half dead, aching head

this anxiety

taking the time to plan how to properly fall to pieces, disembowel the rancorous regimental decay

skinned and reskinned and flayed the pain away

how many ways can you sing the same sad songs before the lyrics lose all meaning and you just start to hum along

a line of spittle from numb lip down to the floor

none appreciates the time spent building your own prison, the intricate ironwork, the subtle curve of the walls to give the illusion it is more than six by six feet of steel, ribbed for no pleasure

flaccid belief in that you are never going to get it

telling your story, selling your glory, weaving the threads of another misspent mental beating

self inflicted, as depicted, restricted, evicted, in victus, grim rictus

am i missing the point or is it all pointless, a pencil with no tip to scribble with, drawing these confessionals to universal disdain, dismissal and disinterest

as everything unravels around me, i wonder at the futility of another baseless venture

need a sign, a map, anything to give me a reason to carry on and not just check this baggage and hop a bus to nowhere

feel dejected, rejected, ejected

as expected

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