why aren’t you pissed

why aren’t we pissed off at the state of the world like we should be


the doomsday clock ticks closer to the point of no return

the oceans are warming and clogged with plastics and poisons

the ozone still isn’t repaired

animals birds plants and insects go extinct at a rate of one hundred and fifty to two hundred every twenty four hours

a day

climate change

super storms

and all the people in power worry about is staying in power and drilling for oil

sexism, racism, misogyny, bigotry, harassment, injustice

kids are starving

and what do we do


eat a bowl of cereal and watch the whole thing crumble

why aren’t we more pissed off at the state of things

we let them put their boots to our throats

why don’t we rise up against them

the global economical powers that be

why don’t we take them down

because we accept this status quo

i don’t know

can you tell me

why doesn’t flint have clean drinking water

why do we allow for profit prisons

why does one percent control ninety nine percent of the wealth

why is processed food so affordable

but healthy alternatives cost the arm and the leg that diabetes will likely consume instead

why do we teach opinion and bury the facts

erase the ugly things from history books

why aren’t we more pissed off at this sad state of affairs

why do we roll over and give them our bellies

we accept business as usual as change

and eat every lie that they feed us

corporations have more rights than people and hide ill gotten gains over seas

then complain about paying a liveable wage as the president buys a new island

stock holders don’t care about working conditions they just want their own private jet

pharmaceutical companies make all the cures and supply a new set of symptoms

then make new pill for the symptoms they caused and the cycle repeats until they kill us

why aren’t we rabid and kicking down doors

how did we get too busy to vote

why aren’t we more pissed off at them and at this situation

i don’t know

maybe we are just sheep obeying the shepherds that lead the flock to destruction

maybe we’re weak from vitamin deficiencies from eating the shit that they serve us

it’s time to get mad

all of us

all around this soon to be dead planet

to act out, to rise up, before they strangle us with their contaminants

it’s not right

it’s not fair

but we act like it is someone else’s problem

15 thoughts on “why aren’t you pissed

  1. this is an every day lament for me as well. i try to live my life by example and often have to keep myself from quitting my lifestyle of inconvenience for a lack of enthusiasm. i know the world can be different…but i don’t believe people are ready to “sacrifice” in order to make that happen…but i still have hope, despite myself. ❤

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        1. How are we not there? A psychopath in the White House. A man who thinks god speaks to him next in line. A rapist on the supreme court (2, didn’t forget you Clarence.) a huge deficit thanks to corporate tax cuts they want to pay for by taking social security and Medicare. We are screwed and it just keeps getting worse.

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          1. we have been systematically de-sensitized and now it is down to those of us with super human sensitivity to say, “wait–this doesn’t make sense.” & then hope someone listens.

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  2. I really appreciate everything you said in this post. If more people questioned things then people would wake up and see that the way it is isn’t how it has to be.

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    1. but no one questions anything. They let the news that confirms their thoughts tell them everything. They choose a side and blindly repeat falsehoods and attack instead of listening. It is a sad state of affairs. Thought is weakness, blindly obeying is the flavor of the day.


      1. I think the problem is most people simply don’t see the issues or the solutions. I know I have always questioned everything but the majority of people I grew up with didn’t think about the things I did. At times I want to get mad at the world for being so stupid but then I have to remind myself I got broken down early in life and if my path had been easy I wouldn’t know nor care about the things that are so important to me.

        The best thing to do is share the truth like you did then others will start to understand.

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