so close to nowhere

hovering at the cusp but of what? a sense of possibility tantalizing nearly palpable. in a constant state of creation, never slowing never ceasing an endless stream of scenes strung together with rusted hooks. one of them has to find purchase. right? an infinite loopdeloop of submission rejection rinse and repeat all in the hope […]

international insanity

the building is nice, immaculate, yet there are petrified dog turds everywhere, blending into the beige carpet. her eyes are electric blue but crackle with a madness i hate that i recognize from the mirror. they answer my work related questions with tales of drug stings down the street and men coming to use the […]

cyclical normalcy

all of the cars sitting still on the freeway, unaware of the irony, the idiocy of being able to go anywhere and being stuck in place freedom isn’t free, it is just another set of shackles weighing you down nine to five hell to have four hours to run like crazy in order to have […]

rancorous applause from the last booth in a burning down strip club, candy with her wooden leg aflame, salutes the troops

ayahuasca spirit animal, sheep in wolves clothing sweating the tar of sinuous desire, spiralling inward, ever faster, the eye of the whirlpool, vaginal security blankets dot the landscape, dreaming of wolves, shaking in tumultuous rancor someone drew a penis on the back of the last boat to freedom in the caked on muck of inner […]


strange thoughts run through my head after a week of depression and silence i get so caught up in these thoughts i tend to forget or lose sight of reality this evening i listened to an englishmen read algernon black while i read about nazis i feel like i am inside someone else’s head as […]

hoping for an errant spark

if you think i post a lot of useless poetry you should see the aborted lines that clutter my mind the forty stanza odes, the contrite shite that makes my teeth hurt and head spin sometimes i gleam a nugget here and there or try and figure out what state of mind forced that bitter […]


do you hear the incessant buzzing no there did you hear it just then it is as if my ear is a venus fly trap and is consuming flies there is it again you heard that right don’t mess with me it is like a jackhammer maybe it is a giant irradiated mosquito hovering just […]

well adjusted

i read somewhere that some people have this strange condition well adjusted it’s called i’m not sure i spelled that correctly it is a condition where they are perfectly fine content even i just shook my head when i read that fake news i decried from behind the couch where i had been sitting for […]

for edgar

stumbling alone on this muddy path, the pregnant moon the only light, heart racing and labored burning breath i saw something i should not have, a creature feasting, bloody mouth and ragged claws, the personification of death my gasp have me away, those dread black eyes met mine, the tearing of teeth and the jutting […]

non compos mentis, words

the dishes are stacking up at any minute i expect a cockroach uprising three bags of overflowing garbage but when i walk outside the clouds talk to me not directly to me but out loud the voices rattle through the pipes as well in the walls from under the furniture i am out of towels […]