do you hear the incessant buzzing



did you hear it just then

it is as if my ear is a venus fly trap and is consuming flies

there is it again

you heard that


don’t mess with me

it is like a jackhammer

maybe it is a giant irradiated mosquito

hovering just over the ridge

waiting to feast upon all who hear it’s wings vibrate in the distance

leaving empty shells of drained corpses in it’s wake

there it is


it’s getting louder

damn it

don’t mess with me

you had to have heard that

it shakes my bones

i need to stock up on bug spray

maybe bath in it

a fine mist of aerosol covering my skin

filling my pores

making me watertight from penetrating probiscus

it could be one of those black helicopters

scanning the neighborhood with infrared

shooting waves of radiation in search of potential alien threats

do you seriously not hear that

i’m beginning to question if it is you or me

maybe it is coming from you

come here

i just need to be sure

this won’t hurt

maybe a little

but it’s necessary

trust me


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