well adjusted

i read somewhere that some people have this strange condition

well adjusted it’s called

i’m not sure i spelled that correctly

it is a condition where they are perfectly fine

content even

i just shook my head when i read that

fake news i decried from behind the couch where i had been sitting for the better part of three days

how did these people exist i screamed at the walls

they didn’t answer

they hardly ever do

how in the fuck are they able to be all even keel all the time

no mania

no days of superhuman creativity

followed by a week of laying in bed hoping to die

the poor bastards

what do they do without crippling anxiety

not worrying every single thing negative they read is about them

posioning relationships with an inability to cope with day to day life

smiling like freaking loons at everyone and everything

the poor suckers really got the short end of the stick i said to the floor

my best friend over the last year or so

they sure do it replied

i just laid there lost in amazement

well adjusted

why i never

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