she slowly peeled the skin off of her face until bare muscle shined wetly in the moonlight with a grin she let the rain run freely in a pink froth down her bare chest it was more than my wallet or sanity could afford but in the darkness she blows me blood specked kisses

sunshine and rain

her lips beckon in the corner of dream, to sneak kisses by slipping down an uncrowded side street in a crowded city the way they curl into a smile that makes the sun dim slightly when the full radiance is shone on the world itself the rains had come for the third day straight, yet […]


her depression tastes like caramel on her lips salted by the stray tear on her cheek when she is sad all i want is to hold her close squeeze until that sorrow infuses me instead yet i taste the caramel on her lips the sticky mess of intangible agony that is her depression longing for […]

first and last

1) she stared at me waiting for me to make the first move in my head i knew i should lean forward and kiss her knew it was what we both wanted all i could do was stare into her eyes 6) she pulled me down the hallway to show me the framed pictures of […]