melenacholy matter of factness

she sometimes finds it difficult to try and navigate the currents of my melancholy matter of factness as every word i manage to flatly mutter gets caught like dust in the back of my throat i am a series of catastrophic misunderstandings made all the more unmanageable through my tangle of unruly threads scattered about […]

spring clean

endeavored to spring clean declutter the shattered fragments while digging out soulslivers lodged painfully beneath my parchment epidermis an effort to spring free from the detritus of this achingly undesired instance of existence i have thrown out so many things a feeling of lightness in that springy freedom of removing the pieces that clung to […]


some daysi write you poemsthat are etchedinto the insideof my skullcarved carefullyinto the ivory cagethat keeps metrappedin this suit of flesh i may notbe much to look atbut if youcrack me openlike a coconutyou will see beautylost in the shavingsresting on mygelatinous truth some daysi write the mostbeautiful thingsleft inthe silence of selflost inthe white […]


i made myself choke to feel your lips upon mine because i couldn’t tell you how much kissing you would make every bit of my existence worth it. my lips were created for that moment when we fell into each other losing trace of one another as we became something more and found ourselves there

missing, no reward

we weren’t star crossed lovers, just two pieces of the wings, from an ill fated cross country flight, just two separate beings, we were just two bullets, fired from two shaky guns, and when we crashed it was spectacular, but nobody won you looked at me and smiled, and i gave my heart away, enchanted […]