missing, no reward

we weren’t star crossed lovers, just two pieces of the wings, from an ill fated cross country flight, just two separate beings, we were just two bullets, fired from two shaky guns, and when we crashed it was spectacular, but nobody won

you looked at me and smiled, and i gave my heart away, enchanted by your wonder, just another fool gone astray, and when we finally imploded, into a cloud up in the skies, our cage of love became collapsible after too many lies

and still i search for that errant heart of mine down through the streets, whenever i get close to you he skips as he beats, and it is a wonder of science, or a wonder of idiocy, that no matter how many times he’s lost he manages to get free

so have you seen my heart, just call the number below, but smile or say kind things or he’ll go out of control, if you have seen my heart maybe just keep him with you, i’ll come by and pick him up one day out of the blue

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