of fables and foibles on oceans of sin, in moondust distractions and the stardust within; in flickering flames hidden in shadows cast, prismatic speculations lashed to the past; i hear the melodies as the sparrow sings, long to take flight hollow bone meanderings.

my baby

we once made love like lava we made love under a bookcase her lips were sweet as guava her panties made of frilly lace her sweat raced down her spine my tongue ran in quick pursuit ain’t no lady nearly half as fine not princess nor one of ill repute my baby screams loud my […]

rhymes with orange

shadow dappled ball of citrus respite a perfect culmination of sweetness and light swaying in the soft breeze like a door hinge it requires a certain slant to rhyme with or-ange the spores in a fern are made by the sporange and it also quite possibly rhymes with orange


she always carried a length of wire when she went out at night the stars in her smile as she clutched at the metal quite tight she turned with a flourish humming a fanfarish-like tune with the wire held just right it appeared she tethered the moon

the tower pt 1 (rhyme)

twas a night like this all dark and dreary between lightning crashes stood something queerly a tower hung foreboding jutting up into the sky an obsidian spear in the night that hid away from the eye the thunder crashed as rain pummeled the ground this ebony spire the only shelter to be found soaked to […]

drag my body

drag my body to the river let it float out towards the sea drag my body to the river don’t shed a tear for me wrap my heart with barbed wire, broken fingers from too many fights, chewed glass every morning, drank gasoline on sleepless nights i didn’t go looking for trouble, but it followed […]

an end

there’s a quivering in my abdomen, a fear begins to grow, the words they come a spilling out, there is nothing left to show fear is just uncertainty, and trauma seeds to sow, armageddon is two blocks away, my head’s about to blow the razor runs perpendicular to the raised scar tissue that starts to […]

missing, no reward

we weren’t star crossed lovers, just two pieces of the wings, from an ill fated cross country flight, just two separate beings, we were just two bullets, fired from two shaky guns, and when we crashed it was spectacular, but nobody won you looked at me and smiled, and i gave my heart away, enchanted […]

never quite happy with rhyming, an ode to you

would you dine upon my flesh quench your thirst with my tears could you let these words hold you lull you until slumber draws near feel the callouses as they drift all about your lovely skin tempt the beast just underneath with your promised glimpses of heaven could you let it all go fall deeply […]

the puppeteer blues

well i chased her for too long it seems, she always stayed just a few steps away, she was never going to let me catch her i saw, had a new excuse for the game she loves to play she was never going to let me catch her, it was all about loving the feel […]