my baby

we once made love like lava
we made love under a bookcase
her lips were sweet as guava
her panties made of frilly lace

her sweat raced down her spine
my tongue ran in quick pursuit
ain’t no lady nearly half as fine
not princess nor one of ill repute

my baby screams loud my name
my baby likes to lick my neck
but minutes after my baby came
she darted away quick as heck

she knows what it is she needs
she also knows that i adore her
and if afterward swiftly recedes
i wait patiently like a good soldier

because i know she’ll soon return
she needs my special lovin’
she is in my blood a feverish burn
my baby’s passion is like an oven

then we will make love for hours
a tangle of limbs lying on the bed
lost in her scent of wildflowers
my baby is the only poem i have read

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