some days
i write you poems
that are etched
into the inside
of my skull
carved carefully
into the ivory cage
that keeps me
in this suit of flesh

i may not
be much to look at
but if you
crack me open
like a coconut
you will see beauty
lost in the shavings
resting on my
gelatinous truth

some days
i write the most
beautiful things
left in
the silence of self
lost in
the white capped waves
that play
off the shore
that stoke the fire
inside my
steam powered heart

4 thoughts on “etchings

      1. Quiet and slow…..big multi decade birthday coming up. It has been a joy to travel all this years ups and downs with you.

        Keep safe my friend, the best to you now and as we head forward into this Great Mystery…..

        Liked by 1 person

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