a prayer for bipolarity

on an overload of nervous energy, my brain is miswired, my thoughts misworded, a misguided missile on a collision course to my own malformed power station, short circuiting joy from ground my affluency in miseries means no matter how bad it gets it will always get worse in a fit of hopefulness i cut the […]

inside’s out

if you were to slice open my belly a flood of half digested verses would seek to drown the entire plane if you were to crack open my skull it would throw projections of her smile onto every available surface and if you were to spread open my ribs you would release the sparrow that […]


some days i am my own worst anenome waiting patiently for the sun to unfurl my petals knowing in the furitive furling of my inexplicable dismay the enemy of my anenome is really me


when i die don’t look to my words for answers, don’t seek hidden secrets in the reams of inconsequential odes to her grab my ipod, a gift from my daughter years ago dust it off, hope it keeps a charge, pop in the earphones and listen there you will find me, the real me, not […]

cons and prose

loving me is like wearing a shirt that is itchy, with a tag that rubs your neck raw is like a thong riding up or too tight of boxers that pinch your balls as you walk being with me is like visiting a haunted house, the ghosts surround me, blood drips from the walls and […]


i try and make love to words because of all the lovers i have ever had the words were always the best and no matter how they cut they never actually tried to kill me i worry one day that they will leave me as well, like every other lover who has seen the real […]

you and you and me and her

it was a dream i was there and you were there and you were there and she was there and you can fill in the who and what’s as we go i was a spoiler god but not capital g god but a god god and she was always off screen but i was searching […]


in an effort to be more transparent, i have stripped my skin off bare musculature and suddenly external organs impossible to hide when you leave a trail of blood everywhere you go exposed nerve endings and alabaster skeleton, the ultimate in showing off the real you i have nothing left to hide, in fact i […]

blood type

i don’t know my blood type if something happened and i needed that knowledge for a transfusion i would say she is my blood type, she is the fluid flowing through my veins, my vanity, she is my type, she is the current that shifts, as she grows near it rises, races, pumps a million […]