ode in decomposition

i would pretend to not hear her so she would have to say my name make incidental contact send shivers of pleasure down my spine with the way her lips and tongue formed the words electricity at the touch of her fingers so in the heavy silence of sorrow the fear of clinical necrophilia has […]

ode to the nightingale

she sings on the branches of a once withered heart her song brings forth the sun a gentle melody that wakes the slumbering world oh nightingale oh nightingale the world is yours my love oh nightingale with plumage so pale your beauty outshines the horizon

corazón de oro (my muse)

freshly cut flowers standing in a vase the sounds of vivaldi dancing softly on the air her light steps upon bare feet gliding across the room. flores recién cortadas de pie en un jarrón los sonidos de vivaldi bailando suavemente en el aire sus pasos ligeros con los pies descalzos deslizamiento través de la habitación. […]

(un)titled ode XXXVII

my dearest though i have never gotten a chance to whisper sweetly into your ear brush my lips across your neck or your throat know that the sun’s rays as they shine upon your skin is a reflection of my love for you every breeze carries the whispered words of devotion from my heart to […]

(un)titled ode XXXVI

she is beautiful like an aria like a field of lilies like a sunrise over the sea she is intangible like lilacs on the breeze like sea foam like the thrum of lightning right before it strikes she is dream fantasy given form divinity given shape love made palpable washing over bare nerves

(un)titled ode XXXII

cast from clay cast from paradise left to toil through this world alone she was my lilith my first love the one none could hold could never hope to conquer strong independent so very fierce labeled a demon by those who could not comprehend still in the back of my mind my heart i miss […]

(un)titled ode XXXI

i wonder in what seems like hour nineteen of dancing thoughts about you do you ever look to the sky night or day and a vision of me dances with you no music needed just cheek to cheek across the kitchen swaying softly in one another’s arms no of course not we both know i […]

(un)titled ode XXX

i imagine in two million years the light from your smile will grace the skies of an alien planet when it does an astronomer there will have that butterflies in the stomach feel of love at first sight probably won’t call it butterflies though but he or she or it or whatever will know exactly […]

(un)titled ode XXVII

she is a comet that races through my mind when it is too quiet a blinding blaze that suffuses me with heavenly radiance when it is too loud which it often is she is a comforter draped across my mind to muffle the voices of doubt and shame

(un)titled ode XXV

i would be the ring upon your finger the gems around your neck for you are the words within my skull the beating of my heart alas fair lass nature made you dazzling without my feeble touch and made me quite lesser without yours

(un)titled ode XXI

the tissue of my heart has crystalized a rigid structure formed of former flesh her lips are the chisel her eyes the hammer i am dust in her presence my soul is sand between her delicate fingers spilling to the ground under her feet

(un)titled ode XX

her lips are as red as blood on porcelain her eyes stab me like daggers i cannot stop imagining how good she would taste on my tongue and lips her expression says fuck you mine says i am yours in return

(un)titled ode XIX

i repeat myself for the millionth time in an ode of love to her why does each repetition feel like a fresh declaration a new dedication when the words are still the same.

(un)titled ode XVIII

she carved the outline of a door into my breastbone with her sharpened fingernail. i stared at it and her in a mixture of pain and confusion. she smiled and knocked upon the bloody door. it opened. my heart soared from my chest like an owl from a snowy perch. now it is free to […]

(un)titled ode XXIV

i wrote a new poem earlier it was garbage except it was about me loving you and this one is just about me writing about writing about loving you like the earlier one i trashed was a premonition it isn’t as if i stopped loving you i just stopped enjoying it being the only thing […]

(un)titled ode XXIII

i found myself fascinated with her clavicle with the gentle raised bumps of her spine in their graceful arc there is not an inch of her not a blemish nor scar that isn’t as if painted by matisse sculpted by michelangelo written by neruda composed by tchaikovsky my fingers dance upon her like baryshnikov my […]

(un)titled ode XXII

i wish i knew your favorite animal the one you love the most the one you would keep as a pet if i knew which animal that was i would study in tibet behind enemy lines go against the chinese government learn the secrets of reincarnation of karmic return then i would commit crimes just […]

(un)titled ode XXI

the blank page stares at me on it all i can see is you another ode to this woman that haunts my mind and soul if i close my eyes you are in my arms i gently kiss the top of your head murmur my love when i open them again the page is filled […]

(un)titled ode XX

woke up after a long night of dreaming the sunlight through the blinds combined with the empty bed told me it was also another lonely night but the dreams were nice you were there again you looked as beautiful as i always imagine so it wasn’t a complete waste


early this morning i woke from a dream of pomegranate stained kisses last night before bed i spoke with my publisher about possibly using a pomegranate as the cover art for my collection when i woke from the dream i read a poem from one of my favorites she mentioned a pomegranate i fell back […]

(un)titled ode XVI

i have whispered your name so many times my tongue has formed a callus my heart has quickened at the simple thought of you it is as if my brain torments it callously one grows numb the other goes insane as if i have a choice

(un)titled ode XV

sometimes i wonder what would happen if i stopped thinking i love you and just said it then that little voice screams in the back of my head that i would lose the small piece of you i have so i stay quiet but know i think it or we can both pretend i do […]

(un)titled ode XIII

she smelled of wildflowers and hellfire her head adorned with a briar crown her every word scarred upon her lips branded upon her skin it was impossible to not fall madly in love with her untamed spirit he was just the latest fool to try

(un)titled ode XI

life is a cycle not always a good one seems finding something equates to losing something else sometimes what we find is much better than what we lose sometimes the inverse is true when i stood at the cusp of losing everything i found you this is a case of it all being worth it […]

(un)titled ode VIII

do you ever think you shall love me i asked she smiled and said i shan’t so i moved on eventually found someone new that was when she decided she shall she asked me to give her the chance i’d offered before i didn’t smile i couldn’t i just softly whispered i can’t

(un)titled ode VII

she crashed through my life like a lightning bolt as quickly as she came she was gone i could no more capture her essence as catch the wind in my feeble grasp then she was gone all that remained lichtenberg figures etched into my heart her signature clawed into my brain her scent burnt into […]

to Stan

your words and creations helped shape a better world left an indelible imprint you guided the hearts and minds you touched made us see nothing was impossible now you rest and the world itself is less colorful less dynamic with your passing so many iconic characters storylines tinged with hope so much joy thank you […]

(un)titled ode VI

they argue the glass is half empty the glass is half full my glass lays broken on the floor shards pierce my knees as i scramble to clean the mess they could just pour their glasses together and be full

(un)titled ode IV

she sought to exorcise my demons unaware that the evil is deeper than sin it goes into my bones it has been finger painted across my soul she wept tears of blood as the fires of purity flashed back in her face it singed her wings left her grounded due to my blackened love she […]

(un)titled ode III

the sun is down the sky has rolled out the blanket of velvety black yet here i sit immune unseeing the clouds sit thick air is heavy with potential storms my mind is locked on you what i would do wouldn’t give to sit and laugh with you but i am tongue tied bound and […]

(un)titled ode II

she sizzles like bacon in a cast iron pan she sputters and spits be careful not to get burnt mostly she doesn’t mean it sometimes the words escape on their own you will know when she does instead of spattering little drops that sting tiny annoyances she will freeze your world solid chattering teeth the […]

(un)titled ode

her smile was like moonlight glinting off of a razor’s edge her fingers like a hangman’s noose around his throat her kisses felt like a sucking chest wound on a winter’s morning she was death he loved her

the greatest poem i had ever written

last night i wrote the greatest poem i had ever written my phone was dead so i grabbed a notebook and pen and frantically wrote the words the words seemed whispered from the mouth of an angel directly into my ear i wept as i wrote them i saw splashes of tears on the page […]

inside my dreams

i dreamt of you again last night when i woke tangled in the sheets and breathless my first instinct was to wake you and whisper it into your ear but that was the dream wasn’t it that you were here this awake life is not for a dreamer like me my sallow skin is see […]

never quite happy with rhyming, an ode to you

would you dine upon my flesh quench your thirst with my tears could you let these words hold you lull you until slumber draws near feel the callouses as they drift all about your lovely skin tempt the beast just underneath with your promised glimpses of heaven could you let it all go fall deeply […]

thin layer of denim

she wandered down the stairs in jean shorts cut so low it looked like a denim thong she wondered at the stares as if having her entire ass hanging out wasn’t enough to stop traffic i just sat in my chair and watched as she took her time making sure everything was just so an […]

an ode to chris burden, mARTyr

he stood still as his friend lifted the rifle he stood still as his wife refused to hammer the nails he lay still, naked and alone as the flames surrounded him a massive ball of entwined train tracks and desolate environmental hell he sat still and confessed his affair, love in ohio, his wife unaware […]