to Stan

your words
shape a better

indelible imprint

the hearts and minds
made us see
nothing was impossible

now you rest

the world
is less colorful
less dynamic
with your passing

so many
iconic characters
tinged with hope

so much joy

thank you sir
for everything


let the whole world scream


damn it all. Stan Lee was so much more than a visionary. He was a world builder, an iconoclast, a teacher, a poet. I proudly call myself a geek and he was one of my heroes. If there is ever a Mount Rushmore for pop culture royalty he will proudly be enshrined upon it.

Written through teary eyes ME


13 thoughts on “to Stan

  1. Mike, what a valued tribute to an incredible talent who showed us all that we too, are super heroes, even if only to one person, or too ourself! And how we can veer off course… the bad guy that resides in each of us!! His His legend will live on! Legend of Zelda is here!!

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      1. Many people find imagination a mask for what ails. I for one love the beauty of imagination without it there would be No hope! No heart! Perfect reply Mike! I’m sorry for your saddness …

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        1. I’ve hit that stage in life where it is my heroes dying. David Bowie and Lemmy began a cycle of sorrowful loss. Luckily the world never forgets the truly great ones. They live on through the magic they cast.

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      2. There are many tears in my eyes this week. That is why my typing is crappy. The fires up here in Northern California have taken many lives of friends and loved ones of friends!

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          1. Thank you Mike.
            So many people are missing!Many people had no time to get out of their homes! Loved ones of people I know! I’m higher elevation but I live in the heart of a forest. And our beautiful forest is overgrown, thick with trees(too many) and the edge of the forest is my backyard to the canyon which is filled with fallen branches(kindling)like many of California’s forests.These fire’s kill off many of the wildlife as well! But these disasters bring people together! Be at peace my friend …

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