she walks majestically down the street unaware of her natural gravitational pull i float along the periphery like so much space dust making up one of the many that surround her just random debris until the light she radiates hits just at the right angle then suddenly she is orbited by rings as beautiful as […]


she has the eyes of an angel the lips of the devil the curves of a seaside road at dusk and the hands of a serial killer she has the voice of salvation the scent of damnation the heart of devotion spoken between beats and the mind of a poetic scholar in her is equal […]


she is an ! i am an … she is 🙂 while i remain ? we don’t speak in sentences any longer, we speak in hieroglyphics the rosetta stone comes with a search bar and all my inquiries come back 404 twenty six letters have stopped conveying the words necessary to say i love you […]

(un)titled ode XXIII

i found myself fascinated with her clavicle with the gentle raised bumps of her spine in their graceful arc there is not an inch of her not a blemish nor scar that isn’t as if painted by matisse sculpted by michelangelo written by neruda composed by tchaikovsky my fingers dance upon her like baryshnikov my […]