a testament to the power of positive doubt

she wears the tiara of muse as if the sun doesn’t glint from the jewel encrusted band to blind her as she strides across the landscape of my mind with gentle steps to crush all meaning from my lack of understanding yet each time she gazes at my wonder she only sees the gears spinning […]


she walks majestically down the street unaware of her natural gravitational pull i float along the periphery like so much space dust making up one of the many that surround her just random debris until the light she radiates hits just at the right angle then suddenly she is orbited by rings as beautiful as […]


she has the eyes of an angel the lips of the devil the curves of a seaside road at dusk and the hands of a serial killer she has the voice of salvation the scent of damnation the heart of devotion spoken between beats and the mind of a poetic scholar in her is equal […]


she is an ! i am an … she is 🙂 while i remain ? we don’t speak in sentences any longer, we speak in hieroglyphics the rosetta stone comes with a search bar and all my inquiries come back 404 twenty six letters have stopped conveying the words necessary to say i love you […]

st(or)ms, or (i miss you), or (she), or (my fault)

she was safety a shelter from the storms that rage inside of me she was church or more likely an asylum with her the demons feared her light the voices stopped the sun still shined hope sprang eternal but she grew tired of the waves of the sea the constant battering the hurricane that is […]

(un)titled ode XXIII

i found myself fascinated with her clavicle with the gentle raised bumps of her spine in their graceful arc there is not an inch of her not a blemish nor scar that isn’t as if painted by matisse sculpted by michelangelo written by neruda composed by tchaikovsky my fingers dance upon her like baryshnikov my […]

(un)titled she XIV

she is the harmony just beneath the surface, punctuated with every off note the sun hidden behind the rain, still as glorious for the light that remains unseen she is

she sent me a letter today

it sits on the couch beside me it seems important her careful letters spelling out the name she used to say with such tenderness in her voice curious but not that curious my eyes return to it over and over it could be anything really it could be an apology (no chance) it could be […]

fade from view

can you remember me like a ghost in a photograph half in frame yet out of focus you should i dreamt of you and in that dream we sat and laughed as the seagulls circled the beach do you recall what i said to you on that dream beach no it’s okay maybe you misremember […]

as the light grows closer

am i drowning is that the surface of the sea or an angler fish in the depths i can’t tell and for some reason call it that fatalistic kill switch in the back of my head i don’t care i’ll continue to swim irregardless of direction until my lungs compress down to the size of […]

apocalyptic daydream

fell in love with armageddon in bright red lip stick apocalypse in a set of heels and a short short skirt she seems to be my end and it never looked so good she has death and desire in equal measure written in her eyes i fell in love with the atom splitting power of […]

(un)titled she XIII

she is a tuft of dandelion fluff in the fertile field of my mind drifting and slowly taking over every thought the culmination of years of searching, of dream and failures, of joy and sorrow, summing up all of it, each scar a mark on the road to her she is

(un)titled she XII

she is the comfortable feel of the blade in hand, equal parts promise of protection and harbringer of pain everything i’ve ever dreamt yet more than i could possibly imagine and impossible to ever hold she is

(un)titled she X

she is the final blossom in the bouquet that blooms as the others wilt around her a half remembered dream that stays in your mind the entire day teasing at the edges of thought she is

(un)titled she IX

she is that moment when afternoon skies grow purple and clouds ignite pink on the horizon of the setting sun the occasional bitter bite of kale that reminds you perfection is only perfect for the inherent flaws within she is

(un)titled she VIII

she is a flyer for salvation caught on the breeze and blown through the alleys of a dirty city the sad smile that knows a secret that could change everything but is sworn to silence she is

(un)titled she VII

she is the blinking lights from staring too intently at the noon day sun that flicker at the edge of vision the wispy halo around the full moon on an autumn night just before the first snow falls she is

(un)titled she VI

she is fine grit sandpaper slowly smoothing out the jagged scars left by former egregious flames the taste of coffee upon a still half asleep tongue rich with the promise of a new day she is

(un)titled she V

she is the answer to the question that sits on the edge of your frontal lobe but never forms an art exhibit of images that project onto the blank canvas of your heart and soul she is

(un)titled she IV

she is the ferocity of the storm wrapped in the comfort of a home you have only dreamt of the curvature of the horizon, so tantalizingly within sight but always just out reach she is

(un)titled she III

she is the full moon at midnight singing a mesmerizing soliloquy into my soul across the sea the scent of lilacs on a warm summer breeze teasing the coming day filled with promise she is

(un)titled she II

she is a shadow cast during an eclipse, the penumbra causing her image to flicker with frantic light distortion an ultra high definition image of sublime beauty in a cathode ray tube black and white world she is

she paints

she peeled strips of flesh off of my chest and drew in my blood on the sheets we lie upon sketching vistas of pain and pleasure upon the egyptian cotton as i tremble in rapture she picks apart my failings with a practiced hand and finds beauty in my hidden parts my body is her […]