(un)titled she VII

she is

the blinking lights from staring too intently at the noon day sun that flicker at the edge of vision

the wispy halo around the full moon on an autumn night just before the first snow falls

she is

7 thoughts on “(un)titled she VII

  1. Oh this is beautiful! And a perfect read. Today is my Dad’s Birthday! A candle lit. And oh how I wish the snow would fall … It is so Beautiful! And oh how I wish my Dad were here!
    Your line about snow has inspired me.

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      1. I would be lost without beauty! Everyone I love is there. ❤️ Friend …such a gentle word when it is with the correct people. 🙌

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          1. Yes. Earning trust can last a lifetime! And it takes time. That is the greatest gift in friendship. The friends in my life …I would die for them! They are precious beyond words. Equal with my son’s! We all have an unbreakable bond.

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          2. There IS such power in words! And great love and peace…for me anyway, because I begged my self for the outcome! Make sense?🙂

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