she slams the padded hammers down upon the xylophone keys discordant tinkling in the middle of the night she sent x-rays of her ex pressing tiny fingers against the soft spots she knows as well as anyone possibly could examining my failings she circles the parts of gim she took the time to understand in […]

the fools reads about himself and cries

loving someone with anxiety This article destroyed me this morning. This is me. I am broken and worthless. I am not alone in my loneliness and I have sobbed all morning. It doesn’t help knowing I am like this. It doesn’t help anyone that falls into the fool’s world. I’m sorry. I love you. And […]


the shallow mimicry screams at me as the words fall from mute lips to be showered upon deaf ears again i search my skin for an impossible to pronounce swedish sounding glob of consonants and umlauted vowels some assembly required product was assuredly damaged in shipping no returns not liable for pedantic poems another case […]

restless detachment

a sudden shift of forty degrees flurries of snowflakes unable to survive the still warm ground yet defiant in desire to fly it is a storm of confusion as the upper atmosphere refuses to consider the needs of ground level necessity this echoes through my cracked soul as my brain signals in direct opposition to […]

tomorrow’s broken promise

i sold my dreams for a moment’s peace my soul for a bit of comfort my mind was denied left to collect dust while my heart was not mine to give away this husk was soured by radon gas by additives in genetically modified corn codified as it was well preserved for use as a […]

broken urinal

some days i feel like the broken urinal in an abandoned asylum it doesn’t matter if i were functional or not it isn’t as if ghosts need to take a piss


it all crumble the false resolve the hope the smile plastered on so they didn’t know anything was wrong all week now they are gone faking it isn’t an option any longer i have held the wolves baying at the door off for as long as possible but that time is done can’t recall the […]


i told myself sternly no more writing about love i made myself swear no more the she the her the dream the need it is all so empty so pointless let it go fade away into the pit in your stomach the tumor in your brain it is cancerous slowly killing you draining your will […]


my heart was a ukulele handcrafted for her delicate fingers yet in a fit of rage the strings all were snapped now it is but a piece of wood left discarded with the rest of the trash memories of it’s song like spiderwebs in the corner of the room

hello(good bye)

the sweetest word i ever heard was when she said hello that first time it was to my dismay when eventually she murmured good bye we said many words between some in love some in anger more than a few in the throes of passion but it was her hello that first caught in my […]


sipping wine from the bottom of the barrel red lips and unfocused eyes antifreeze and failing kidneys wobbly like a cowboy fresh from the dusty trail got an itchy trigger finger a pocket full of dollars and a need to wash the dirt from every crevice cracking my facade haven’t been on a horse for […]

saint of sinners and broken hearts

i was born on all saint’s day, but was supposed to have been here to celebrate a fool getting lost, guess this fool got lost as well and this may have set his course for a life of misread maps and faulty compass distinction born to be a fighter, spent the first ten years learning […]

“Beck – Fix Me” and a haiku stack

in my dreams you sing this song softly as we lay together in bed take my broken parts and somehow you can make them into something pure as i stroke your hair and fall farther into you and it makes me smile the world is so cold and you’re so so far away but still […]

and still

sitting on the floor of the airport, curled up in a ball, trying not to let the tears fall down my cheeks knew when i woke up today would be a shitstorm didn’t expect it to fall the way it did, as quickly as it did, as fully as it did and i am destroyed […]


i have taken to drinking bleach in an effort to whiten the lies, to soften the cries, in the hopes the agony dies misery loves company yet i always find myself alone ironic in the sense irony is irrationally less iron than silt tragedy breeds insolence and apathy, but i could care less, a self […]


she turned to face me one last time our eyes met and even through the tears that streamed down my cheeks capturing and multiplying the sunlight into a prismatic glare i saw her mouth ever so faintly whisper one last time i love you and then she drove away i wanted to scream to beg […]


he is an origami bird folded into the form of grace but lacking in true substance a blank vessel allowed to be formed by another’s hand no one ever asked him what he wanted to be maybe he was content as a blank piece of paper wanted to be the canvas for a sketch or […]

mass ex-diction

can’t shake it all the time herded to the inevitable cliff through complex machinations destined to plummet endlessly metaphorically metaphysically metabolically a hyper state of metastasis methodically driven down the branching paths crooked streams subtle innuendo miniturized and magnified an extended departure to mythocracy mantled, manhandled, management, manic, maniac, mana misdiagnosed malignancy emancipate emissaries effegies […]


i asked her to put me a pedestal not a place of honor just a place far enough away that the cracks wouldn’t show with too much scrutiny a poorly lit corner at a safe distance don’t pick me up i fear the sharp edge could cut your gorgeous hands don’t hold me too tightly […]

love letter

you see a tripwire, i see a means to an end. it feels as if society is a dogearred copy of salinger from flipping its collective shit. all the while i cut myself not to make the pain real but to make sure i am still capable of bleeding. that they did not swoop in […]

gravity is exclusionary

awoke on a desert island on a mountain top in a cave at the bottom of the ocean lying in a crater on the moon perched on a branch in the rainforest and in a box six feet deep and steady sinking lower my stomach drops as my head floats in a stupor more aloof […]

dancing alone

there’s a tripwire running from my brain to heart, strung with care down my spinal column and lined with explosives dilligently monitoring for any signs of emotional disruption from daily business all it takes is a flutter do you know how hard it is to operate on yourself to rip yourself open saw through flesh […]

open sign

it takes one of two things to be a poet you are either broken or talented it’s rare to see both at the manic word depot it’s about broken but i read others and the beauty it permeates the words i wish with all my soul i could do that but my broken always colors […]