the shallow mimicry screams at me as the words fall from mute lips to be showered upon deaf ears again i search my skin for an impossible to pronounce swedish sounding glob of consonants and umlauted vowels some assembly required product was assuredly damaged in shipping no returns not liable for pedantic poems another case […]

restless detachment

a sudden shift of forty degrees flurries of snowflakes unable to survive the still warm ground yet defiant in desire to fly it is a storm of confusion as the upper atmosphere refuses to consider the needs of ground level necessity this echoes through my cracked soul as my brain signals in direct opposition to […]

tomorrow’s broken promise

i sold my dreams for a moment’s peace my soul for a bit of comfort my mind was denied left to collect dust while my heart was not mine to give away this husk was soured by radon gas by additives in genetically modified corn codified as it was well preserved for use as a […]

broken urinal

some days i feel like the broken urinal in an abandoned asylum it doesn’t matter if i were functional or not it isn’t as if ghosts need to take a piss


it all crumble the false resolve the hope the smile plastered on so they didn’t know anything was wrong all week now they are gone faking it isn’t an option any longer i have held the wolves baying at the door off for as long as possible but that time is done can’t recall the […]


i told myself sternly no more writing about love i made myself swear no more the she the her the dream the need it is all so empty so pointless let it go fade away into the pit in your stomach the tumor in your brain it is cancerous slowly killing you draining your will […]