and still

sitting on the floor of the airport, curled up in a ball, trying not to let the tears fall down my cheeks

knew when i woke up today would be a shitstorm

didn’t expect it to fall the way it did, as quickly as it did, as fully as it did

and i am destroyed

amazing how there is no limit to the cracks and broken shards a person can shatter into

pieces of pieces of pieces

smaller and smaller and more impossible to ever dream of reassembling

not worth the time for the effort

and still i sob as happy people walk to their terminal

and still i sob as everything falls apart

and still

i sob

the damaged little fool with his big words and empty brain and fragile heart

and still

the failure, the fuck up, the fraud

applying duct tape by the roll to hold it together one more day





and still

can you hear me

am i making any sounds

can you hold me

just for a minute

until this storm passes

stick around

there’ll be another

and you know no matter how i ruin everything

i love you

just a kiss

make me whole


i’ll be here

crying in terminal b

for another hour

and still

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