open sign

it takes one of two things to be a poet

you are either




it’s rare to see both

at the manic word depot

it’s about broken

but i read others


the beauty

it permeates the words

i wish

with all my soul

i could do that

but my broken

always colors outside the lines

forces the song off key

all day

i closed the depot

and wrote and wrote and wrote

but the song still sang


vacation is over

just gonna sit here

rock bottom

population me


let the harmony wail again

bastard couldn’t be quiet for one day

still managed seven thousand odd words

finished the story


back to the regularly scheduled shitty prose

we apologise for the interruption

you stay beautiful

i’ll stay broken

the open sign is on

13 thoughts on “open sign

  1. Broken doesn’t mean you lack talent. It’s simply your motivation. Keep the magic depot open.
    Awesome Lauren

    Liked by 1 person

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