without words

i’ll hate myself later for this

wake up in a traffic jam of self denial and despising the reflection staring back with bloodshot vacant scars

slivers of mirrors where my eyes vacated the building

but that is later

for now let me stare at you

drink you in like i have the shakes and salt crusted lips

let me savor every inch of perfection that makes up


press close to me and fill the gap i only notice when you’re near

let me taste your lips

kiss you behind your ear

whisper the things we will do while i’m still drunk on you

put your hair into a pony tail so i can see the sensual curve of your neck

give me something to wrap my fingers into later

there is time for hating myself tomorrow

but tonight

we don’t need to talk tonight


i know that you know i am hopelessly in love with you

and you know that i know all you want is right now

so forget tomorrow

i’m ready now

there are so many things we can do with our mouths that don’t require speaking

let’s try each one out

we’ll sort through the wreckage later

let me love you for the next couple hours

without tethers or hope

expressing without words what i wish i could tell you

it’s okay if you scream

and at multiple points you more than likely will

i won’t tell if you don’t

so come here

let me tell you a story

it’s called you’ll walk funny tomorrow

it goes a little something like this

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