coming soon, Death of a Soul duet

coming June 22nd, with covers by Matt Seff Barnes. as much as i enjoy writing, these books with my Canadian sister, Eleanor Merry, are a passion project. last year we put out two wonderful anthologies, Dark Carnival (A Horror Anthology) and Dark Nature: A Horror Anthology , which ended up amazing. now we have gathered 12 of our talented friends and put together this duet of Sins and Virtues. this has been brewing for months now in secret and we are immensely pleased to let the cat out of the bag.

Patrick C Harrison III, Christine Morgan, Ella Burns, Mike Duke, Chris Miller, Ruthann Jagge, Marina Schriener, Shayne Keen, Regina Watts, Scott Couturier, Tommy Clark, Stuart Stromen, Candace Nola, and M Ennenbach brought their own twisted takes on the seven deadly sins and seven heavenly virtues, showing not all who rise are virtuous, and not all that fall are sinful. preorders coming soon.

i can’t wait for these two books to get out into the wild. hope you come along with us.

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