not working right, words


my thoughts feel disjointed

out of whack

meant to write a little piece today and two thousand words fell from my fingers to the screen

it wasn’t very good i guess

just some strange little love story

it was supposed to be a poem about rain

but i saw the words diosas somewhere it stuck in my craw

since then everything has been


out of focus

too many thoughts

not enough rational understanding


it is spring break and the kids are here for the week

and work keeps pushing the goal farther out

and i am positive i hate it

just want to be with them

i don’t know

the headache came back

old faithful

fingers tapping, nothing comes out

maia asked if i am dating yet

dax said girls are gross

i thought about all the lonely evenings

i need to go to bed soon

everything seems coated in shit

except them

good night sweet world


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