ground down by the daily grind

each morning i wake
more tired than
the day before
angry hornets buzz
in my skull
shaking my every thought
until all i can think
is how i long for
eight more hours
of simulated death
driving to the the first call
which is a never ending
series of stupidities
lazy people
unwilling to work
placing false blame
on machinery to keep
the focus off of themselves
and i stagger sleepily in
to looks of shock and awe
as i hit start and suddenly
everything is working

it must be your presence
they mutter by way of excuse
it always runs when you show up
i plaster on a fake smile
nod sagely at them
then wait until they
feel like having another
lazy day of unproductivity

all i want is
coffee and her
to sit in silence
and scribble verse
but life gets in
the way of living
leaving me anxious
to crawl back
into bed instead

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