She stood in the hut, mist flowing around her. Light came through the faux grass roof in rays illuminating her. The combination of her smile, the mist and the rays of light froze time. I stared, trying to memorize every single detail. I knew this was a magical moment.

The mist and the rays of light. Her natural beauty. Frozen effervescent joy. 


I want to scream. 

I cannot process. I am filled with a malaise.

One time I was strapped to this table. A guy, possibly a doctor, probably not though was filling a needle with some clear fluid. I felt as if the intent was less than good but this wasn’t my first rodeo.

Not sure how I got into this mess this time. Wish I had never been in it but sometimes shit happens. If it wasn’t for the nanotech rolling through my veins I would have been dead ten times over already. 

As the needle pricked my skin I felt the immediate cold flush through my body. Like when someone walks across your grave. Pain flares across every nerve, muscles clench and spasm and my mind has a red tinge. 

My heart speeds faster and faster until I can feel it blow a gasket. Natural death occurs and my synapses fire for a final time. 


A moment of god damned peace. No anxiety or stress or sadness or not. 

The moment stretches into an infinity of bliss.

As my heart restarts and I am jolted back into this body, this pain, this horror.

I took care of the bastard that shot me up. It was messy. Splatterish. Like making salsa but bile colored 

The point? The point is it is like that jarring moment of surrealistic future style masochism of rebirth. 

Or something. or not. Fuck me, I just do what the electrical pulses tell me to do. My brain shoots an impulse to my finger and words are puked up, birthed whole like Athena from Zeus’s skull. I damn well do not think ahead.

Did this one without a title first. Hope this explains how every where and nowhere it is. 

Did you tell someone you love them yet? 

Tell two. it is free and might make their day. or be a selfish twat and fuck off. Meh.

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