Thirteen years ago you came, a little bundle of tears and all of my fears personified into one perfect package

I was rudderless, adrift with no purpose, no clue where or what I wanted out of life

and then I held you

no, before that

the first time your heartbeat filled the room, it was the most beautiful song ever played, I get misty just at the memory

you owned my heart from the beginning, my perfect Maia Danae, named after not one but two goddesses of beauty, because I just knew

thirteen years ago today you came 

you never cried when I held you, you knew who I was the moment we finally met face to tiny face, my voice was always there, I spoke to you, talked to mother’s stomach everyday, the alphabet, stories, just telling you I how much I already loved you

the night we raced to the hospital, pacing for hours on the second story, every contraction a sliver of fear through me, you were finally almost here

I held your mother’s hand and pushed when I told her to, trying to will you out, i saw every magical moment of your birth, your grandparents yelling outside the door because they were not allowed in

I held you first, so happy that the tears poured down, so proud of the bundle of perfection in my hands, so afraid I would break you

I didn’t, but I never let go of that fear, stored it inside, will never let anyone do that

now you are a teen

you grew up to embody every bit of the beauty you were named for, the brightest shining star in the universe

you are the smartest, most wonderful women on the planet

and you have barely gotten started

this world is yours to rule, you are a force of nature, capable of anything and everything you choose

it will not always be easy, or happy but no matter what you have me, forever and always, and I will always love you, long after I am gone it will be a part of who you are

you are my mirror image, same humor, same insatiable search for knowledge, our love of writing, we are nearly one and the same

you just kept your blonde hair and got all of the looks

Happy Birthday my Maia Danae, I hope you always have every thing you need, the means to get what you want, and the drive to be whatever you choose

I love you and will be here, your biggest fan, your shoulder to cry on, and the luckiest man on the planet because I get to be your father

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