penny poetry shop is closed

two cowboys meet up on the way out of town

“get your supplies”

“everything but some penny poetry for my girl back home”

“why didn’t you get any? i know he restocks six or eight times a day”

“sign on the door said closed”

“he does that, you gotta wait, he cannot go long with out opening up shop”

“he came out of the shop while i waited”

“whoa, he left the shop”



“said he was getting rope”

“for what”

“said he was watching videos and needed rope”

“probably for another one of them penny poems”


“you know what i say about penny poems”

“more like nickel torture”

“yup, my girl likes em though”

“mine too, one day they are just gonna find him swingin”


“he said, nothing new today when he got back so i decided to leave”

“gonna find him swingin”


“won’t know until he starts to stink though”

“all he’s got is them damn penny poems”

“know what i say about his penny poems”

“you’d prefer the nickel torture”

“yup, has more substance”

“he was talkin about his dad again, and you know who”

“that seems like storin the dynamite next to the fireplace”

“my thoughts exactly”

“yup, he is gonna be worthless the rest of the weekend”

“said he was getting whiskey too”

“he is gonna be worthless the rest of the month”

“so i decided to head on home”

“penny poetry shop is closed”

“he seemed done”

“poor bastard”



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