corporate speak, words

corporate speak is another language altogether

catch phrases and empty terms

i find myself afloat in it


i speak with the caring grace of a sledgehammer in an unruly five year old’s red bull fever drenched hands

the talking around points

hinting while never expressing

mumbo jumbo

like casting spells with no inherent understanding of the language and hoping to turn water to wine

i turn water to salty tears

piss stained trousers from dry linen

it is a skill harnessed from years of not worrying what others think of me

but in a land of camofluaged disillusion it is a handicap

i prefer to be handicapable

so i shall try and ingratiate myself with a velour track suit hiding my itchy trigger finger

draped in soft fabric but hiding a chiseled indifference

flowers that hide a sword

candy coated in arsenic

sarcasm sizzling as it hits the floor

this is why they take three martini lunches and meetings on treadmills

to hide the self loathing that comes from never speaking their minds

bang the mistress to release tension

golf on the weekend to avoid the family

this is not a world for me

the chameleon has to give a shit to blend in

i do not


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