outsider, words

never feel like i fit in quite right

the elliptical block in the round hole

sitting outside maia’s school

freshly shaved head

bearded angry looking white male with silver hoops

tatted bad man

surrounded by soccer moms

country coming out of their trucks and suvs

the bass rattling my windows

or singing along with punk anthems

side long stares

bet you wish your husband wasn’t so predictable

i can make you forget his name

when is the last time he didn’t come up for air for an hour

keep staring

we both know he wouldn’t do half the things to you i would

maybe out of respect

or lack of creativity

and i might just be that freak you think about as you day drink to get through the routine your life has become

attach the leads my nipple ring and turn the voltage up

put your fingers here and squeeze until i see spots while i make you see god

as good as advertised

better than you can guess

stop staring and jump in the car

we have twenty minutes

i can either make you come fifteen times

or keep you at the edge until the bell rings

depends on my mood and how well you beg

your momma warned you about guys like me

and you would do well to keep that in mind as you flirtatiously wave

you can’t afford the divorce

and we both know the opportunity to feel alive again

like a woman

you would throw it all away

i tell her all of this with a glance and watch her face turn red

i’m not cocky

i’m convinced

when you get home try and spice it up with your old man

close your eyes and imagine it’s me

rock his entire world

maybe you will see me here in two weeks

don’t be mad when i don’t remember you

we can do it all over again

or just come over and chat

i am much more approachable than i appear

it’ll be our little secret

the outsider

the mystery man who made you feel something you haven’t felt in a long time



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