March end with the Fool

Hey there Dear Readers

Been an odd month so far. The world is locked down. The panic is rising. Let’s take a deep breath and find out centers.

In with the good, out through the mask.

As March winds down I realized, at this very moment(ish), the cover for my Western Horror tale is being made. Hunger on the Chisholm Trail comes out next month! I have been trying not to think about it much. I am rather nervous about this one. It is my first published novel. My first attempt at Horror and a Western. Two things I never really considered ever writing until that moment when the story hit me.

And I think it might be damn good. Told in a series of vignettes going between the cattle drive up from Dallas through the Indian Territory (now Oklahoma) and a sleepy little town halfway to the destination of Abilene Kansas. I do my damnedest to weave a tale of something with insatiable hunger roaming the dry land and a large cast of characters. A snapshot of the West taken through sepia lens and splattered with a crimson.

Through it all I try and allow the natural beauty a chance to shine even as a monster insists on ruining the scenery. I had been given advice from a writer I greatly respect as I dove into this. He told me to embrace my poetic nature. Let it help shape the story. I never considered that before. I had tried to maintain a separation between the two styles of writing. I then saw they could coexist in prose and it forever changed my writing on both.

So that pretty nerve wracking and exciting at one icy cold ball of lava moment. I finished my three stories for the Cerberus project with Chris Miller and Patrick Harrison the 3rd over the last weeks as well. Three different stories about loneliness, being forgotten and absolute chaos. Or as I like to refer to them, the moose, Lethe and Hell breaking loose.

So get ready. Hunger on the Chisholm Trail in April. (un)fettered, my second collection of poetry in late July. And Cerberus Rising around the same time frame. I managed to force PC3 and Chris to not only read my poetry collection, but they each wrote an amazing fore and after word to go in it. The three of us are ready to change things up and take over the World.

So I hope you’re as excited as I am. And that you are staying safe. I’m willing to bet the majority of is are deemed essential, so the quarantine doesn’t really apply except on our time off. Which is about business as usual for this old Fool. I tend to hide and write as much as possible.

Keep an eye on this blog for details on all of my upcoming books. And of course for the daily poetry

Hugs and sloppy wet kisses from six feet away


One thought on “March end with the Fool

  1. Bro, if you splattering crimson blood, six feet ain’t gonna be enough distance. Lol……on a serious note, i am excited about the publish schedule, looking forward to reading them in print. 👍


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