a match

the exploited play
fuck the usa
from a simpler time
when the world sat
at the brink
of nuclear war
when punk rock
had been proclaimed
on a stage in san francisco
as johnny rotten asked
if the crowd
had ever felt cheated
but it was not dead
not even close
the caterpillar
had just crawled
into a cocoon
to slowly change
into a moth.

the tension in world
where ronnie and maggie
the middle class
with the big red threat
peace and sunshine
were not viable
the earth had been salted
only weeds
could find purchase no sunflowers
sprout they did
little deformed
hunched things
with stickers
that slowly stretched
across the land
the threat
far from minor
in dc
while four black bars
or east bay insanity
sought to
stick a finger
in the eyes of
the class war hooligans

i just wish
they didn’t feel so
in this time as well
better to be
left as reminiscing
of an old poet
still in the midst of
the unyielding
to an age of
i think i will just
let the world burn
as jello sings
of holidaze in cambodia
just need to find
a match

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