i sat in my boxers
on the couch
stitched together photos
of mars

as i marveled
at the alien planet
come to life
on the screen
in front of me

the hispanic lady
across the hall
stood in her doorway
screaming profanities
at her children

those same monsters
that run
across the complex
with wild abandon

after the fourth
straight minute
of spanish expletives
washing over
the pristine craters of mars

i had finally had enough
got up with a groan
pulled the door open
with the grace
of a water buffalo

a cloud of smoke
drifted out
into the causeway
as i glared
with my best scowl

she froze
staring at me
then down lower
at my boxers
with an appraising air

as her children
rushed through
the doorway
behind her
she nodded at me

i fought the crimson
staining my cheeks
she smiled
then began screaming
as the door shut

while i
went back
to the couch and mars
thoroughly defeated

we can get
a rover
to another planet
but i still can’t make any sense
out of the opposite sex

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