magician’s assistant

when she first appeared from behind the black curtains my heart lurched into my throat at her beauty in sequined tights

she smiled out over the crowd with such a sublime perfection it is a wonder men didn’t begin fighting at once for her attentions

i sat numbed to everything but the sadness showing in her fathomless brown eyes as she contorted into the large case

with a flash of light i found my suddenly on the stage staring down at her gleeful misery with swords clutched in my hands

the crowd jeered at my frozen confusion eagerly egging me on to plunge the steel through the wooden case in hopes of blood

how did i get here when i was nothing but a spectator to this magic act of torturous delight i wondered as my grip tightened

i looked out over the crowd of shadowed faces my mind locked in fear as the faces came into focus to show mine reflected back

she nodded at me giving consent to the sure agony i was in charge of delivering to her against every bit of my natural predilections

i mouthed i love you yet she seemed unfazed or uncaring at the declaration as she patiently awaited the three feet of metal

when all was said and done to the rapturous applause of the onlookers painted with my expression of pure joy shining

all that was left was the black blood that poured endlessly from the box and her labored breathing rasping in my head

i fell in love with the magician’s assistant only to be the object of her destruction nightly for the hungry eyes that became my own

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