destiny sown

a violin
with frayed bow
plays in the distance
every third note
squeals off key
as the sky darkens
the birds fall silent
In the trees
upon the eaves
the lone gravel road
a weathervane squeaks
in higher urgency
as it begins spinning
swirling bits
of trash
whip into a frenzied
interpretive dance
in the howling gales
the first fat drops
of precipitation
like frozen knives
against the cracked windows
of the eerie farmhouse
tapping upon the glass
like an unwanted visitor
as the lights go out
the world plummeted
into pitch black
the violin strikes notes
still off key
like the plucked heartstrings
of tumultuous ache
skipping across
the day
plunged into night
the unblinking eyes
of the birds
remain transfixed
on the top left window
where a curtain
the only sign
of life.

he opens his eyes
to feel
the dull throb
of loss
the void within
that threatens
to crush him
into paste.

the world comes
into sharp focus
the violin
his strained heart beat
in the pit of anguish
where her memory
once lay.

as the storm
from his dream
pounds against the windows
of the cathedral
to her
he painstakingly created
the farm
they would never have
the love
left to languish
in the infertile fields
of destiny sown.

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