Saturdays are for shilling

my about page

i redid my about page to reflect my four solo books and Cerberus Rising. Included are the beautiful covers that take you to Amazon to purchase.

they span genre. 2 poetry collections. a collection of short stories that go from loss to terror to comedy to all points between. and a 12k poem about Persephone. then there is my western, which is an homage to both pulp stories and monster films. finally, Cerberus Rising is nine novelettes by three different voices across the spectrum of horror.

i would be lying if i said these aren’t my proudest accomplishments next to Maia and Dax. and maybe, just maybe, one day this will be my only job. that’s the dream, at least.

thanks for checking them out, as always, the kindness shown is appreciated if not necessarily deserved.

hugs and sloppy wet kisses

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