knight with no duty

he sits astride his roan
the desert sands dance
in the ever blowing wind
metal tipped lance pointed
towards the heavens themselves
as if to strike the heart of god
seated upon her golden throne
of judgement.

blackened craters
dot the land
with cracked spirals of glass
from the bolts
sent from on high
as he eyes the rolling dunes
stretching on
in all directions around him.

a perfumed handkerchief
hangs from the pitted chestplate
scarred from battles
and loves gone awry
the faint scent
of honeyed blossoms
wafting through
the stinging gusts.

a knight with no solemn duty
left to find purpose
in this empty world
far from the borders of home
the memory of her smile
the shifting sands
and the steady of drumming
of his heart, all there is.

he seeks the next great beast
yet finds naught
but desolation all around
his steed calmly plods forward
indifferent to his need
incapable of sharing the sorrow
yet staunchly protective
of his rider, all the same.

perhaps they share the knowledge through the bonds
that connect them
that this last pursuit
is destined to be a final charge
into the gaping mouth of oblivion
that one day comes
to swallow us all.

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