the key to figuring out
the absurdity of existence
is not to zig
when it zags
but to fall into the
gradient of madness
we are taught
to avoid as innocent idiots
to revel in the pitfalls
like a fork in the
cheek of fate
as we creep along
the spiderweb woven into
the very fabric of this
disingenuous state of being
one thread through the
humming quarks
made of tightly woven
and pause to recognize
the stealthy approach
no more slows the
entropic dismay
than encourages it
we should tumble like
drunken clowns
with frowns
painted beneath our dead eyes
actively agitate the aggregate
dance fully nude
beneath the stars
in hopes the
cosmic radiation
cooks us like the
good little piggies we are

what difference does it make? what fucking difference
does any of it make?

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