finish me

everything seems bogged down in rain and drowning and dream and that moment she walked away

the casual swipes she cast as she did

now the storms have come to dallas

i cannot tell if i am awake or dreaming

did i write about this or did it sing in my head as the slide show of our brief moment in the light played across the torn screen of my mind

why can i no longer tell the moment of passion when she clutched the back of my head to the dream where she stepped on the back of my head to hold me under the waves

can you read the poems i don’t put to page

the ones where it all spills forth yet still leaves your heavenly glow in tact

i imagine you don’t

i was never anything but a dying star while you were my entire universe

and unfortunately

i am not going to drown myself

so it is back to the shore to rest my face on the wet sand

waiting for you

to finish me off

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