Hollow (a collaboration)

Why won’t you
just die?
I remember
the words
at you
like I’d
hurled those
lawn darts
at the neighbor boy
when he wouldn’t
stop laughing
that time I fell
and ripped
my jeans
right in the bum

snot and tears
to my
blotched face
as the nurse
told me
to leave the room
while she
your hand
for the IV you’d need
to replenish the fluids
on this latest

but you didn’t

I mean

And as I stare
at the hollow
in the pictures
I still have
of you
it’s clear
you wish
you had

it was written
across your face
as this last episode
of this last episode
of this never-ending
string of episodes
that i cannot see
the end nor beginning of
when you broke
when I broke you
it wasn’t supposed
to affect you
but time and time and time again
my spiral
pulled you
down the drain
but it was written
on your face
and now that you have
the monster
with the man
you once loved
that man is ash
across the chasm
from my heart
and yours
two of us
wish i had died
only the hollow ring
of promises
never meant to be kept


this is a collaboration between myself and Xtina Marie, a gifted poet and great friend. Immortalize Me is available now

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