still not able to write fiction, the mental block barricading all but a trickle where once a torrent roared unthrottled and free

but the ideas are returning, even if i can see that they are just allusions to the illusion that cast my mind in delusion for too long

none so blinded as when the blindfold is finally removed and the sun focuses her light once again across the fallen fool

the cardboard walls of the shadowbox theatre reveal themselves as silhouettes of something that was never there

in the face of what was staring deeply into your sightless gaze all along the true contours of life are etched in achingly beautiful lines

9 thoughts on “shadowboxing

  1. I started writing, by writing fiction, which came out as poetic prose, and then I thought I’d give the instinctive stuff I do now a go – sometimes it works, a lot of times it don’t, and as for fiction, it’s tough to get a grip, the poet, the truth of you, lies just below your skin. You’re so prolific, poetically, it seems there’s so much more of you yet to come out …

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    1. You are one hundred percent correct. Poetry is whitewater rapids I find myself engulfed in. Fiction is a lazy river where I the words drift at a slower pace but lie deeper. The mindset of a fly fisherman to that of daredevil. I went through a series of changes that has my in tune with chaos but won’t quiet enough for structure. Slowly but surely.

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      1. If yours is whitewater rapids mine more a leaking bucket that can take a while to refill, that’s one of the reasons I like to read you, you do with words what I can’t do, same with your collaborator and friend EC, mind you to my mind no living being can do what she can do with words.

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      1. Perhaps that’s what makes you a true poet.

        Look at Jim Morrison. You can always tell when he’s singing a song he didn’t write. He doesn’t connect the same way.

        Regardless, I enjoy most everything you write regardless of the structure or the category. You are gifted.

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          1. You are too kind. I am no where in the same league as you! That’s what makes this such a great place though. Artists appreciating each other’s work is, in my mind, a little piece of this world not being so bad.

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