child hands and cartoon hearts

pablo wrote
with a blade
that always cut twice
once through muscle
once through the soul

sylvia wrote
with a sickle
that swept the chaff
an uneven harvest
ended in tragedy

hank wrote
with a half empty bottle
one drink to remind him
of the good times
fifty to dwell upon the bad

i write
with a child’s hands
misspelled odes
and sloppy cartoon hearts
destined to malfunction

they will be
remembered forever
i am only as good
as the next orgasm
and cab fare home

as their words take root
in the adoring minds
mine peek through
the cracks on the
broken slide to hell

13 thoughts on “child hands and cartoon hearts

      1. Zimbabwe. We had just hunted a man-eater. As per custom we offered the beast to Barry as we did the ceremonial Copacabana dance around the fire. Bob, the guide, googled it. Never been back to Africa. To much hurt. Too many lies.

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