40 seconds

40, 39,

every forty seconds someone around the world dies from suicide

36, 35,

the world is lonely, the world is pain, no one knows what anyone else is feeling

32, 31,

broken hearts, broken dreams

27, 26,

but there are moments, the first time you told her you loved her, the first time she returned the words

22, 21,

but sometimes the entire world seems poised to force itself down your throat, the pain of simple existence is more than one broken soul can handle, the tears, the rage, every bit of the molten lava glacier of sorrow drifting along the hell inside of you skull

7, 6,

i love you

5, 4,

i do

3, 2,

even though it hurts


still there?

40, 39,

stay with me, we can do this

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